she rearranges  
the moments between heartbeats  
you die a little

4 thoughts on “Unrequited

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  1. Hi. Hello. I really like the way you write, it’s so sincere and confident. I just started my new Blog Page and I really like to learn from a lot of people, and I hope that it’s okay if I follow your writings, and maybe you can follow me back, then maybe we can talk about our writings together. I hope that we can be friends. Thanks!


    1. Hi Cynthia, and thanks for your kind comment. I’m not sure I feel very confident when I write, but I do enjoy trying to say something that I feel people will connect with. I’ve not been doing this very long so am still learning a lot. Of course, you’re very welcome to follow my blog, and I look forward to reading your writing too.


      1. Thank you. Me too. I’m still learning how to properly write and play words for a better understanding. I like to interact with people who shares the same interest and passion.


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